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      We feel your pain…several years ago we were just like you, shopping for a new electric golf buggy. It took us months to finally choose an electric trolley because every time we went online, we read something new about a motor or battery that would confuse us even more. When we finally bought our first caddies, we ended up disappointed in the quality anyway, which is why we continued our pursuit of a buggy that worked best for us and finally made it in the land down under…Australia.

      WARRANTY:  We strongly believe that when making an investment in an electric golf buggy that will carry your bag hundreds of kilometers over several years, the most important factor is quality. Have you ever bought an appliance only to find out the warranty costs nearly as much as the product? Or maybe you bought a $1,200 phone from a company (we won’t mention any names, but it rhymes with scrapple) who then asks if you want to buy a protection plan? 

      An electric golf trolley manufacturer who offers a three-year warranty on every part of their motorized golf buggy obviously has confidence in the structural integrity and durability of its parts and components. We suggest reading the fine print of the warranties of these electric golf buggy carts before you purchase your electric golf trolley.

      BATTERY: With the exception of cheaper electronic golf buggy carts that offer the heavier and less efficient lead-acid batteries, most major electric golf buggy brands sell lithium-ion batteries. A combination of factors such as the buggy's weight, bag weight, how hilly a course is and what the battery’s amp hours (ah) and voltage are, will dictate how long it should last on a single charge. Because there are so many variables outside of the golf buggy manufacturer's control, we suggest you just look at what the company advertises the lithium battery is capable of powering.

      The QOD electric buggy battery is 18aH and 14.4V, and this will allow you to use the battery for 36 holes in a single day. We cannot guarantee this will be the case for all three years of your warranty due to individual variables, but we know this will be the case for quite some time should you properly charge you battery.

      MOTOR: All motorized golf cart brands offer a motor that is capable of handling the terrain you'd expect to see on a typical golf course. There may be some variation in the technical specs of the motor size, but this is usually due to the weight of the cart, whether or not it has a remote control, and the size and type of battery the electric golf trolley was designed for.

      The QOD’s motor is 180 watts and we have taken it up the steepest hills you can find on a golf course without any issue at all. We feel it’s a safe bet to assume every buggy on the market can climb all of the hills you will find on a golf course. The question then becomes, how long will it last? Which brings us back to the golf buggy's warranty.

      FRAME: We find there to be a very common theme amongst leading manufacturers of electric golf trollies, and that is aluminum welds made by hand during the manufacturing process, and shortcuts taken on cheaper plastic compounds. These hand welds are susceptible to weak joints from welding errors, and the cheaper plastics will more easily crack, scratch, and fade over time. A powerful motor and long-lasting lithium-ion battery are great, but what if the entire foundation holding the bag cannot handle the inevitable wear and tear it will face over the years of folding and unfolding, bumpy terrain (in those rare moments we miss the fairway), and of course the various weather conditions all of us die hard golfers find ourselves playing in from time to time? The QOD buggy cart is built from a durable nylon 66 compound which makes up that moulded pieces, aircraft grade aluminium for the sliding tubes, stainless axle pieces, round sliding tubes and stainless-steel bolts and connectors holding it all together. This ensures integrity throughout the entire buggy and is why the manufacturer has no problem offering the 3-year warranty.


      QOD Golf Manufacturing adopts the principles of continuous improvement. In Australia, QOD has improved year on year over six years through our caring customers and the QOD Team. We listen to what is said, understand the reason for the suggestion and adopt the recommendations through our engineering expertise. Engineering Golfers build QOD. You are welcome to make suggestions, good or bad we are willing to hear what you think. The only way to create the best buggy in the world is to listen to your customers. The QOD is made for Golfing Customers, not Engineers.

      The QOD caddy cart folds more compact than any other electric pushcart in the world. When folded, it is only 13.5" high, 14.5" wide, and only 20" long. This is smaller than any manual push cart in the world as well. The lithium-ion battery weighs 5 lbs. and the cart only weighs 27 lbs.

      The QOD is the smallest electric golf buggy in the world and it folds quickly and easily. It will take you a few rounds of golf before you can do it without thinking about it, but until then we will send you a quick photo “cheat-sheet” that you can keep on your phone to reference any time. Please take a look at this video to see a demonstration of how the QOD electric golf trolley sets up.

      The QOD Q1 is an electric push Buggy which is controlled from the T handle.  The Golfer sets the direction of the QOD Q1, selects the speed and walks alongside the buggy until they need to change direction or speed from the T handle.

      The QOD Q2 is a full directional electric Buggy. Q2 is expected to be released into the open market in the second quarter of 2021. Contact QOD on for more information


      Electric Golf Caddy Reviews: The truth in the the 21st century.

      Unfortunately in today’s world of online shopping, there are many businesses that specialize in what is called affiliate advertising programs. These companies build websites, create blogs, videos,etc. all in an effort to rank high in internet search results so that if a customer likes what they see on their post, they will click a link that takes them to another website such as Amazon, Ebay, or often times the company who actually sells the product. These website that create these “Review” websites, posts, or videos, get a commission on every sale that is generated from someone who first visited their website and this information is tracked using information contained in the web browser url parameters  once you click ona “Call To Action” button.

      We do not believe in this “sell at all costs” approach and we know for a fact many of these review sites have never touched an electric golf buggy,and most likely, never even played golf before.  They simply use information available to the public, or provided directly by the manufacturers or distributors, and then because they “review” many different electric golftrolleys, their posts naturally include hundreds of important keywords related to the product category that google loves to see, therefore they show up high in search results, but unfortunately their information is not subjective and their motives are to simply make a profit.

      We have had many websites contact us and offer these same services. But we don’t like the idea of “selling” anyone anything. We are golfers just like you, and if the QOD golf buggy is a good fit for you, great,we will be happy to support you on your journey to enjoying the walk. But most importantly, we are focused on making sure you get a buggy that is right foryou by answering your questions honestly, and providing the best customerservice in the industry. If we really only cared about making money, we would not be making a buggy in Australia that costs twice as much as our competitor’s carts that are imported directly from China.

      We believe a product’s warranty says a lot about how much a company believes in their product and values their customers. We are proud to offer what we consider to be the best warranty in the marketplace. While many companies only offer a limited one-year warranty, the QOD is backed by a three-year manufacturer’s warranty, with all of the service and the support provided here in the USA.


      We will do whatever it takes to get you back up and running as soon as possible. All you need to do is call or email us to get your repair started.


      We made our best effort to be the first company in the history of mankind to provide a warranty that does not contain pages of legal jargon and confusing terms. However if we failed in any way, please don’t hesitate to call or email us with any questions.


      Every part of the electric golf caddy, including the lithium-ion battery, is covered under warranty for three years so long as the part became non-functional while using it for its intended use, and the damage was not caused by user-error (using it as a beach stroller and accidentally sending it into the ocean will not be covered). The warranty does not guarantee the battery will last 36 holes per day for the entire three years of coverage due to variables in the customer’s charging routine, storage habits, and playing conditions. The warranty does guarantee the battery will last 18 holes per day for all three years so long as you maintain your battery as directed in the instruction guides and manual. Should you need a new battery outside or beyond warranty coverage, the price for our customers is always at our cost from the manufacturer. Additionally, we are pleased to offer a six (6) month warranty on all of our Accessories from their purchase date, so long as they were not broken by accident or user-error.


      Once we have diagnosed what has gone wrong with your electric golf trolley, we will ask for your preference on how to repair your QOD. The quickest way is to send you a part that you can replace yourself using our step-by-step instructions. If you prefer, we are happy to do the repair for you. All labor expenses for issues covered under warranty are free-of-charge during the first twelve (12) consecutive months following the date of your purchase. After the twelve-month warranty period, there is a flat fee of $29 for any service we perform at our facility. Every repair we do also includes a complete “tune-up” and cleaning of the electric golf caddy prior to returning it to you.


      We will pay 100% of the shipping costs for any part or repair covered under warranty for the first twelve (12) consecutive months from the date of your purchase. After the twelve-month period, any shipping costs incurred will be the responsibility of the customer. We will be happy to coordinate the shipments and extend our discounted rates to you. We recommend keeping your original packaging so that you do not have to pay for any new packaging should you ever need to ship your QOD golf caddy back to us.

      For complete details please visit our Warranty Page

      Our team is here in the United States and available to help you 7 days a week should you ever have any issues. Although the warranty is provided by the Australian manufacturer, all service and support is done by our team here in the U.S.A. You will not have to chase down a manufacturer abroad to have your caddy serviced, we are always happy to help and will do everything we can to get you back up and running asap.

      The battery is designed and built to last you for years to come and is covered under warranty for three years. How well you take care of the battery will have a significant impact on how long the battery will last after the warranty period, along with how many rounds you play a year, the type of courses you play, the weight of your bag, etc.

      The battery has plenty of power to handle any size bag, on any type of course for 36 holes in any given day. Due to variables in the customer’s charging routine, storage habits, and playing conditions, the warranty does not guarantee it will last for 36 holes per charge for all three years, but it does guarantee the battery will last 18 holes per charge for all three years so long as you maintain your battery as directed in the instruction guides and manual.

      Should you need a new battery outside or beyond warranty coverage, the price for our customers is always at our cost from the manufacturer.

      Charging the battery is simple. It plugs into any standard wall outlet, and after the first charging cycle which can take up to eight hours, the battery typically re-charges in less than four hours. You should charge your battery after every use, even if it is only for nine holes. And when you do not play for extended periods of time, you will need to charge the battery before storing it in a cool, dry place, and then charging it again every six to eight weeks to keep it happy during extended breaks. All of these details will be provided to you with your purchase.

      With the exception of cheaper electronic golf caddy carts that offer the heavier and less efficient lead-acid batteries, most major electric golf caddy brands sell lithium-ion batteries. A combination of factors such as the caddy's weight, bag weight, how hilly a course is and what the battery’s amp hours (aH) and voltage are, will dictate how long it should last on a single charge. Because there are so many variables outside of the golf caddy manufacturer's control, we suggest you just look at what the company advertises the lithium battery is capable of powering.

      The QOD electric caddy battery is 18aH and 12.8V.

      Yes, the QOD is always in “free-wheel” mode without having to change or disengage anything. If you are in the parking lot, tight spots on the course, around the green, or you happen to forget to charge your battery, you will always be able to push or pull your QOD freely in any direction, at any time.

      You will never have to push the QOD up a hill. Even with a large or heavy golf bag, the QOD will climb any hill you put in front of it. We just tell our customers that when traversing over hills, rough or uneven terrain, it's best to keep a hand on the handle to help maintain the stability and keep the QOD from tipping back.

      The major upgrade on the 2020 QOD is the wheels which have been made slightly larger to improve ground clearance and the wheel tread has been upgraded to improve grip. These changes do not significantly compromise the caddy’s small footprint when folded, and it remains the world’s most compact electric golf caddy. 


      If you place your order before 2pm Eastern Time Monday -Friday, it will ship same day. Orders placed after 2pm ET M-F or on weekends will ship the following business day. Depending on where you live, shipping time can take anywhere from 1-6 business days as we currently ship all caddies from California. We will send you tracking information for your QOD within one business day of its shipment so you can follow its progress online as it makes its way towards you. Because of restrictions on flying lithium-ion batteries, no expedited options are available. Caddies ordered on pre-sale will ship to you on the date indicated in your order confirmation email unless we advise otherwise.

      Yes, we a re currently running a sale that includes free shipping on all caddy orders. All orders ship free via UPS ground service due to restrictions with flying the batteries on airlines. 

      Due to recent changes in tariffs, we are not shipping to Canada at this time. 

      Unfortunately, we also do not currently ship elsewhere internationally or to Hawaii or Alaska, but you can email us at and depending on your location we may be able to arrange through the manufacturer or another distributor. 

      You can fly with your QOD on a plane, however you cannot take the battery on a plane with you due to new laws enacted in 2017 (thanks Samsung!). You can however ship your battery via ground transportation ahead of time to any destination you are traveling to if you desire. We've also had customers buy second batteries so that they can keep a battery in locations they frequent often or for long periods of time.

      We want you to have peace of mind with your purchase, so we offer a full refund of the cost of your cart should you be unsatisfied with your purchase within 15 days of your order, so long as the cart has not been used and is in its original packaging. You must call (800) 774-1088 and we will give you a return item number to include on your return shipment. The only thing we ask is that you cover the shipping costs we incurred to ship you the caddy and the costs to return the cart to the location we designate.  

      If you choose to return your cart within 15 days of purchase after having used the caddy, we will ask you to cover the cost of shipping the product each way and we will need to apply a 15% restocking fee to help us recover the costs to prepare the cart for resale as used. You can read more details on our Return Policy page.

      ADDITIONAL 411

      The QOD will work with every type of golf bag available from all major manufacturers, however it will perform best with a bag the industry calls a “Lightweight Cart Bag”.  The QOD has adjustable bungee straps at the top of the bag and the bottom of the bag so you can shorten or extend the straps as needed to securely strap in your golf bag. You can also pack in as much gear as you will need with you on the golf course so long as it does not exceed 50lbs. If your golf bag weighs more than 50 lbs. you should make sure no small children are hiding in your golf bag before securing it to the electric golf caddy.

      Yes, occasionally we will have a demo unit or refurbished QOD available. Please feel free to contact us via phone 800-774-1088 or email and a team member will be happy to let you know if we have any available. Our pricing and warranty will vary on these units based on the history and condition, and we will be able to discuss these details with you on a per caddy basis.    

      Your battery is covered under the three-year warranty, however due to airline restrictions on checking lithium batteries this size on planes, some of our customers will buy an extra battery to keep at a second home or frequent travel destination.

      Most electric golf caddy lithium-ion batteries will retail at $399, but all of our customers will always have access to our batteries at our wholesale price, which currently is $299.

      In order to maintain a consistent and high level of customer service and support, we have not entered into any retail relationships with big-box retailers. Electric golf trolleys are still unique to the marketplace and few people are familiar enough with them to properly educate golfers who are looking to purchase a new electric golf caddy. Therefore we currently only sell online, but we are looking at possible partnerships with boutique retailers who will be able to provide the same level of support and service to our customers.

      When we launched our massive internal scientific study, we found the only way to guarantee your scores improve with the QOD was to skip the last two holes.

      However, common sense tells us that when we save our energy for hitting shots instead of pushing or carrying our clubs, our legs, backs, and arms are fresher as we head into the last few holes of our round.

      When it comes to the mental side of golf, we find that walking makes a huge difference in our game, as opposed to riding in a cart. Walking 300 yards to your drive (we’re giving you the benefit of the doubt (a lot of doubt)) gives you ample time to think about and plan your next shot. Driving to your partners ball in the other fairway, watching them take three practice swings before chunking it into the bunker, and then driving back over to your ball doesn’t bode well for your mental preparation of hitting your next shot.

      Golf is a tough game and not every day is going to go your way, you might as well enjoy the walk.

      There actually is no difference. Electric golf caddies, golf trolleys, buggies, motorized golf push carts, etc. are all terms used to describe battery powered push carts for golf in the United States. When the motorized golf push carts were introduced to the marketplace in the USA, no unifying term was ever adopted. Sometimes we say electric golf caddy, other times we will say motorized pushcart or electric golf pushcart, and out of respect for our friends from the birthplace of golf, we often find ourselves saying electric golf trolley as well.


Brace for GPS and Water Bottle Holder

Brace for GPS and Water Bottle Holder
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