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About Us


This is the best Australian Made electric buggy on the market. Our inspirational design is based upon 10 years of detailed research. We studied how golf buggies run, break and how golfers like to use them. Above all, we used unique design principles to create an amazing product which is built to last. And we are proud to stand by it with an incredible warranty.

We know that once you own a QOD Buggy, you will perhaps never buy another walking golf Caddie. The reason is that QOD carts are upgradable and can be kept current to the latest models at any time; further QODs are upgradeable from one model to the next. So, a Manual QOD  Q0 can be upgraded to an electric QOD Q1 or fully remote-controlled QOD Q2. No company in the world offers this level of Sustainability with their Golf Caddie Products. QOD caddies last forever because, at QOD, we use solid, strong material. Nylon 66 with 30% fibre, Aircraft quality Aluminium 6061 T6; Stainless Steel shafts and tubing and Stainless fasteners. Our philosophy then is not to waste what our customers have paid for. We offer customers an upgrade path for their caddy going forward. We are certainly doing our bit for the environment, An issue we carefully considered when we designed the QOD caddy. A very important future capability when considering the fundamentals of engineering for generations ahead. QOD won the European design award in Munich, Germany  having being judged on functionality, degree of innovation, user-friendliness/comfort, design/style and cost-benefit ratio. Our design philosophy puts us in a leadership position for environmental considerations, Sustainability and considerable savings to our customers on an ongoing basis

Looking Back over time :

We have improved QOD Design Features and Manufactured Products several times over since the German Design Award. Today we have Compact and All Terrain Versions of our Buggies.  Products are Q2 Fully Remote Control Buggy, Q1 Elecrtric Buggy, Q0 Manual Push Caddy.   Historically here is what we had to say soon after the award. We are completely focused on providing sustainable golf products to our customers to give them the best value for money invested with us.




The company was founded by Collin Hiss, an avid golfer himself, and after a highly successful corporate career saw a need for better electric golf buggies.

When the QOD Golf Buggy won the Golf Europe Product Award Mr Hiss said “This win is a testament to our team’s skills and continued commitment to deliver the world’s most efficient compact electronic golf buggy with the aim of making every golfer’s life easier.”. Our mission is to design, manufacture and deliver the highest quality electric golf products to help golfers.