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QOD Buggy Reviews

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Compact Design Makes For Ease Of Traveling
"I am playing more and using the trolley a lot without any problem at all. The compact design makes for ease of traveling when visiting other clubs." - Chris 

QOD Has Strength & Power With Impressive Design
"Thank you for your prompt reply and Thanks Clive for the follow up call today. Yesterday I was able to obtain the service of our golf pro at Manly G C and he attached the umbrella holder. He spoke highly of the buggy and believes the umbrella holder is the best ever in the market. I am not surprised with his comments for in the short time I have owned the buggy I have found it has met all expectations. The QOD buggy was recommended by a fellow member at MGC, at first I was skeptical as I thought such a small unit would be lacking in strength and power, I have been proved wrong. The features of your unit are very user friendly and as one becomes more familiar with the unit the more impressed I am with the engineering design. A very good unit that matches all the numerous features as given in the manual. Well done QOD." - Robert

An Exceptional Product
" Played 36 holes on a very hilly course and impressed that light still on green. An exceptional product." - Mike 

Trolley Seriously Hits The Mark In Size, Weight & Ease Of Use!
"I have to say that the service I received from you & your team was absolutely fantastic, the advice and not overselling the QOD trolley was first class. Having had various electric trolleys over the years & always struggled with space this trolley seriously hits the mark in size, weight & ease of use!" - Kevin 

Definitely 10 Out Of 10
"I am very pleased with the trolley. The design is brilliant – clearly, some serious thought went into it. It is also extremely well made. Definitely 10 out of 10." - Geoff 

What More Can I Say?
"I have now used the QOD golf caddy on course 4/5 times. I find it really good. It handles the terrain well, maintains speed on gradients, is easy to set up and fold up and is quite readily manouverable. It stores well in the car. The battery sits well and is easy to put in and out. And I really like the 10/20/30 sec running time. The umbrella holder is great. What more can I say? The guys I play golf with are quite impressed." -Tim

Handles The Roughest & Steepest Terrain
"Just a short note to tell you how happy I am with the performance of my qod electric golf buggie,over the years I have had quite a few electric buggies,but the qod is by far the most reliable with the 4 wheel suspension it handles the roughest and steepest terrain wherever I play with no trouble what so ever. I thank you again for the service that your company supplies." - June

I Love My QOD Cart
"FANTASTIC. Light, Small, fits me perfectly. I don't know how I have managed without it. Lots of interest from my playing partners. The after sales service has also been great. I love my cart !!" - Di 

Compact Design Makes For Ease Of Travelling
"I am playing more and using the trolley a lot without any problem at all. The compact design makes for ease of travelling when visiting other clubs." - Chris

A1 Piece Of Engineering
"My QOD just arrived, I'm impressed already.... It's amazingly small & feels like quality.... Congratulations on a A1 piece of engineering!" - Colin, France

All My Golf Gear Now Fits In My Ford Focus Boot
"When I was considering buying a Golf trolley & spoke to you, I new I was dealing with a nice person & within a couple of telephone calls purchased a QOD Golf trolley, which you have kept in touch on how I was getting on with it & on the one occasion I phoned feeling that it was pulling a little to the right you sent me simple instructions how to adjust the track which I did within minutes. As for the QOD Trolley I have found it to do all I would expect from a trolley with the added space saver when folded that no other golf trolley I have seen could match, I have a Ford Focus car & can get my trolley in its bag, golf clubs with extras golf gear all in the boot, & as far as I'm concerned I could not have done any better & unless your needing a seat & to hold your tees & spare balls, then I wouldn't go past a QOD Trolley." - Fred 

QOD Is A Delight To Use
"I used my trolley playing Pennants for Concord at Pennant Hills last week. It was a delight to use and the umbrella holder was essential as the weather was rainy. My opponent took photos of it assembled and folded to show her husband and I told everyone about your wonderful after sales service I am overseas next week till the end of June but on my return, I will continue to spread the recommendations for your wonderful QOD." - Ann 

Recommend The QOD Buggy To All Golfers
"I am an Australian International Tennis Representative. I also play Golf. I find my QOD Electric Golf Buggy most satisfactory. It has varying speeds to suit "ALL". It is easily assembled and fits easily in my car boot. The battery lasts longer than 18 holes. I certainly would recommend the QOD Buggy to all golfers. They will not be disappointed." - Ron 

Customer Service Is Exemplary
"After weeks of searching for a trolley that would fit into my restricted space boot (BMW E93 Convertible) finding the QOD trolley was a god send , After watching the demonstration videos on you tube , I thought can it really be that small when it’s folded down can it really be that easy to put up there has to be something they are not showing you , It can’t be that easy …..Can it ? So I decided to go for the QOD trolley a brand that I’d never heard of , I’ve now owned the QOD trolley for almost a year and it still puts a smile on my face every time I assemble it to get it ready for a round of golf as it really is a clever piece of engineering it really is as easy to use as the demonstration videos show , It’s started many conversations with strangers in the car park as I’m putting it up , Many people have commented on “how good” “how compact” it looks and performs , I’d actually put it above my clubs as being the best piece of golf equipment I have bought to date , I have couple of the QOD accessories as well , the carry bag which in my opinion is an essential as it’s the perfect size and not fiddly at all when you want to put the trolley in it as I do after every use , The rain cover which is just superb it’s so good I threw away the rain hood that came with my golf bag , Out of the rain covers I have seen others use this one is miles ahead it’s so simple . Can I just mention as well the USB socket near the handles , Genius !! I’m not sure if other trolley brands offer this but it so handy to charge my phone , my GPS , The battery life is superb I have had 36 holes out of it on my course and it still had a bit of juice left in it . Another thing I like about the trolley is the ease of which it can be cleaned , Wheels are taken off in seconds and I clean the main body off and then hose the wheels down . I’ve contacted the QOD customer service dept on 2 occasions first was to buy the accessories I wanted , They turned up within a couple of days !!! Very impressed , Then I had a minor issue with the control panel sticker on the trolley , I emailed asking if it was a part I could replace as it’s only a sticker panel cover , I received an email back the next day and then a couple of days later I had a new control panel sticker cover , Customer service is exemplary something which is very important to me I look forward to buying some of the new accessories you have in development I would recommend this trolley to everyone." - Mr R Detenon

Pre-Sale Service Is Perfect
"Thank you for the customer experience. Talking to a QOD user would have been interesting but difficult to organise as I am in France and most of the references seem to be abroad. Thank you I appreciate all the kindness from Reg and yourself to give me the best information and answers to my questions and worries. Thank you for the extended warranty. Your pre-sale service is perfect as the trolley. We are not used to such quality service in France!" - Cyril

Battery Is Very Compact & Most Of All Lightweight
"I recently purchased a battery operated golf buggy. The salesman recommended I use a mini- miser battery, as the buggy is a lightweight fold up buggy. I have found the battery to be very compact and most of all lightweight. I have used for a number of 18 hole games and am very happy with it. So pleased I listened to the salesman." - Shelagh

Small & Compact & Makes Playing Hilly Course So Much More Pleasant
"I have been very satisfied with the trolley! It is exactly what I was hoping it to be - small and compact, yet conveniently carries my full-size staff bag. The battery lasts just the required 18 holes and is quick to recharge. It attracts plenty of attention wherever I use it, I have joined Strathfield Golf Course as well and played there only once but even during that round I had people asking me questions about the trolley. I bought an umbrella holder for it as well (OGC pro shop had one) and it's a genius design, at first I thought it wouldn't work for me as I thought the umbrella would be sitting too low and I wouldn't fit under it, but then I saw how it extends - clever! But as I said, the trolley is exactly what I was hoping it to be, and makes playing a hilly course like OGC so much more pleasant. Happy to share my experiences with fellow golfers when I'm using something I feel is really good - and QOD is. Good luck with the business!" - Jukka 

Fits Into My Boot Beautifully
"Just playing with it now - waiting for the battery to charge. It fits into my boot beautifully. Thank you I will contact you if I have any problems. Regards Rose-Marie PS What else do you sell I like the service you give. Wish more companies would provide this level of service. Mind you Apple is one of my favorite people for service but not as personalized as yours of course." - Rose-Marie 

Goods Arrived In Excellent Condition
"You may certainly quote me to potential customers as I know there are some pitfalls at times when purchasing online thus making people unsure. If only every service was as good as yours. Thank you for your extremely prompt service, my goods arrived in excellent condition & I will be putting your name out there to all my golfing friends. Thanks again." - Ros

If Only Every Service Was As Good As Yours
"You may certainly quote me to potential customers as I know there are some pitfalls at times when purchasing online thus making people unsure. If only every service was as good as yours. Cheers until next time." - Ros

If You Are As Good As My QOD You Must Be Terrific
"How are you? If you are as good as my QOD you must be terrific. Nearly 3 years sir, and still going strong. I wish I was the same ,I have a bad case of Arthritis in both hands and am still working on a full recovery after 5 operations. thank GOD for QOD. I still have 9 hole sessions." - Sam 

Congratulations On The Award You Won
"Congratulations to you & your team on the award you won. I have told everyone who comments on mine, just how great they are & also how good the after purchase is, I have spoken with you a few times re my buggy when it had a hiccup,I am elated they have been recognised in the way they have." - Carol 

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