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The QOD Modular Golf Buggy is the most compact, durable and versatile golf buggy in the world.

Our Australian designers and engineers spent seven years researching, designing and refining the QOD so that you can tackle your game better than ever.

The QOD is capable of transporting your clubs and gear fully remotely. It makes it possible for you devote 100% focus on playing every hole.

Our simple, reliable buggy takes just a few seconds to assemble and pack down.

It easily fits in car boots and club lockers.

Our customers use their QOD to transport equipment, support phones, tablets and GPS, and even hold their umbrella for them.

Some are even reporting they can now play their favourite 18-hole course up to FOUR shots better than before. Thanks to their QOD.

Improve your game, build your fitness, avoid injury

The QOD Modular Golf Buggy doesn’t just make getting your gear around the course faster and easier. It frees you up — physically and psychologically — to focus on what you’re really out there to do…

Play the tightest and most competitive golf you possibly can. Regardless of your age, experience, or physical fitness.

We’ve had customers reduce their handicap and suddenly find they’re completing their favourite courses three or four shots UNDER what they thought was their personal best.

On top of that, using the QOD trolley means you’re less likely to strain yourself hauling your clubs across 18 holes.

You’re free to walk, talk and focus on your game

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