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Design Philosophy

The QOD Modular Golf Buggy is the most compact, durable, versatile and sustainable golf buggy in the world.

We expect our QOD Caddies to last a lifetime for our customers. We achieve this by providing upgradable design features which enable our customers to upgrade to new features available or to upgrade from one type of caddie to the next.

A golfer can upgrade any QOD trolley from manual to electric to fully remote control. No need to write off your investment in a QOD cart you purchased just because you want to have newer features .

No other golf buggy product in the world offers such stainable features. This capability saves our customers money, protects our environment from more thrown-out buggies, and makes the QOD Team proud to be of service to golfers world wide

How Does the Australian QOD Factory achieve this?

  • Brilliant Innovative Australian Engineering in Design and Manufacturing
  • Modular Design Principles
  • Reusable High-Quality Long Lasting Materials

Let us brief you on each of these bullet points

Brilliant Innovative Australian Engineering in Design and Manufacturing

We hold a European Product award given by the PGA's of Europe in Munich, Germany, The mother country of engineering. We achieved the prize based on the criteria listed.

  • Functionality
  • Degree of Innovation
  • User Friendliness/comfort
  • Design/Style
  • Trend Character
  • The cost -Benefit-Ratio of the Product

​Modular Design Principles used on all QOD models

QOD buggies use modular sections which are assembled together

  • Arms with bag holder and T handle with steering control electrics
  • Motor Base with engine and central driving electrics
  • Front End with smooth riding suspension and bag holder base
We protect our customers investment in QOD  by ensuring our design of enhanced modules  support compatibility with previous models

Reusable High-Quality Long Lasting Materials

We build QOD with Strong, long-lasting material that will withstand the test over time.

  • Frames use  Nylon 66 with 30% glass fiber. QOD parts are stress tested through engineering advanced software before the part is made in manufacturing
  • Pipes, Motor Axle Shafts, and fasteners made from Stainless Steel 316 and 304, so no rusting
  • Arm Tubing uses Aluminium 6061 T6, aircraft quality Aluminium with no welding. Thus avoiding stress fractures


Our Modular design means our QOD Customers never have to discard an old QOD buggy for features available in a New QOD Buggy. Upgrade to a new level at a fraction of the cost. It keeps your expenses low and money in your pocket. It helps our planet by saving more discarded old caddies from the landfills.

For example, a trolley built six years ago can be upgraded so that it looks and feels like a brand new current model buggy.

Modular design allows QOD to upgrade across models and more importantly for just the difference in price between models. We give you a 100% rebate on what your paid for your buggy when calculating the cost to upgrade to a different model 

A Customer can upgrade a manual trolley to an electric push buggy or Remote control buggy.

Our Australian designers and engineers spent many years researching, designing and refining the QOD so that you can tackle your game better than ever.

The QOD is capable of transporting your clubs and gear entirely remotely. It makes it possible for you to devote 100% focus to playing every hole.

Our cost effective reliable buggy takes a few seconds to assemble and pack.

It easily fits in car boots and club lockers.

Our customers use their QOD to transport equipment, support phones, tablets, GPS, and even hold umbrellas.

Some are even reporting they can now play their favourite 18-hole course up to FOUR shots better than before. Thanks to their QOD, which helps reduce fatigue by carrying clubs under electric power

Improve your game, build your fitness, avoid injury

The QOD Modular Golf Buggy doesn’t just make getting your gear around the course faster and easier. It frees you up — physically and psychologically — to focus on what you’re out there to do.

Play the tightest and most competitive golf you possibly can. Regardless of your age, experience, or physical fitness.

We’ve had customers reduce their handicap and suddenly find they’re completing their favourite courses three or four shots UNDER what they thought was their personal best.

On top of that, using the QOD trolley means you’re less likely to strain yourself hauling your golf clubs across 18 holes.

You’re free to walk, talk and focus on your game while enjoying the day in the park free from otherworldly concerns for those 4.5 hours.


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